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'SwiftKey: The total package'

JR Raphael of PCWorld writes, “SwiftKey is second to none at prediction, using your typing history to offer timesaving and often shockingly accurate guesses of what word or phrase you’re going to want next. When it isn’t figuring out your thoughts for you, the app allows you to type by tapping or swiping (interchangeably).”

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'You don't just need autocorrect, you rely on it"

David Pierce of Wired writes, “SwiftKey, the popular keyboard app now owned by Microsoft, has found that it corrects 21 percent of typed words. Among English speakers, the number is 26 percent. That means one in four words you typed in your last text was wrong. For languages with a lot of accents, the number is even higher; people just type the letters and trust the software to add the flourishes.”

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SwiftKey talks emoji at SXSW 2016

Jemima Kiss of The Guardian writes, “The alternative keyboard app SwiftKey found in August that 70% of emojis are used to express positive emotion, 15% neutral and only 15% negative.”

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'Congratulations to the SwiftKey team on its acquisition by Microsoft'

Rich Wong of Accel writes for VentureBeat, “With Microsoft’s renewed focus on mobile productivity, we’re excited to see the combination of Microsoft’s deep heritage and market position with SwiftKey’s mobile technology as part of this acquisition.”

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SwiftKey a must-have for 'growing and monetizing your Instagram account'

Anthony Carbone of The Next Web writes, “If it weren’t for this app, I wouldn’t have been able to create and run so many Instagram accounts all on my own. What normally would take me three to five minutes to type a unique caption now takes me less than 30 seconds.” 

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'Better ways to type on tiny screens'

Michael Gowan of Men’s Journal writes, “Install a different keyboard: SwiftKey doesn’t have bigger letters, but it does have better autocorrect, so your mistakes don’t matter as much.”

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