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'Our favorite Android keyboard gets a big update'

Melanie Pinola of Lifehacker writes, “The double-word prediction is the biggest new feature and should help reduce the number of times you have to peck at your on-screen keyboard.”

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'SwiftKey 6 arrives with double-word prediction and more'

Brittany A. Roston of Slashgear writes, “In addition to the double-word prediction feature, SwiftKey 6 has many new themes, something that is a treat for everyone, as they weren’t included with the beta version.”

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'SwiftKey 6 lands with double-word prediction, 34 new themes and more'

Jared Dipane of Android Central writes, This update is a big one, and brings some great new features to the already awesome keyboard. In this, you’ll now have double-word prediction, meaning that SwiftKey will try and predict not only the next word in your sentence, but the one after that as well.”

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'SwiftKey update brings iOS 9.1 emoji'

Alan F. of PhoneArena writes, “With SwiftKey’s emoji prediction feature, the app predicts which one you probably will use next. And with SwiftKey’s Emoji Insights report, you can see which characters are your favorites.”

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SwiftKey named as Android Central's 'ultimate top choice for Android keyboard'

Ara Wagoner of Android Central writes, “For years, SwiftKey soared above Google’s included keyboard, and it did — and still does — come preinstalled on many a phone and tablet. SwiftKey’s prediction methods, called the “fluency engine,” has made it the keyboard that many users and editors alike keep coming back to.”

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Popular Mechanics dives into neural networks in SwiftKey & Google

Eric Limer of Popular Mechanics writes, “While SwiftKey’s original keyboard predicts text on a rigid but complex set of fixed rules, the newest version released last month uses a neural net in order to form predictions, much like Google’s email responder does.”

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