SwiftKey Note brings faster note taking to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

January 30, 2014

App introduces SwiftKey’s magical word prediction technology to iOS alongside integration with the Evernote Platform

San Francisco, CA, January 30, 2014 – Award-winning personalized technology company SwiftKey® today launched SwiftKey Note, its debut product on the App Store℠. The fastest way to take notes on iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®, the free app uses artificial intelligence to suggest words in real-time that are tailored to each user’s writing style.

The app features a tight integration with Evernote®, giving users the option to personalize SwiftKey’s word suggestions based on their Evernote archive and providing seamless sync of new SwiftKey Notes onto the platform.

SwiftKey’s hallmark prediction bar above the keyboard makes typing faster and easier. It offers highly personalized auto-corrections and three next-word predictions as a user writes. The app also gets smarter the more it’s used as it adapts to each individual’s writing style.

Joe Braidwood, SwiftKey’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “With SwiftKey Note, we’ve worked closely with Apple and Evernote to bring all of the power of SwiftKey’s mind-reading prediction technology to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users everywhere. Whether it’s in the meeting room, lecture hall or grocery store, with SwiftKey Note you can now take much faster notes, getting a more human typing experience from your devices and remembering more of the things that matter in your life.”

Chris Traganos, Head of Developer Outreach at Evernote, said: “Pairing SwiftKey’s predictive keyboard with the Evernote Platform is a transformative experience for creating quick notes. We’re excited to have SwiftKey Note’s two-way sync with Evernote and to build this relationship.”

Today’s launch marks the first time SwiftKey’s word prediction technology has been made available on the App Store.

SwiftKey Note’s key features include:

  • Faster, easier note taking – with three next-word suggestions and personalized auto-correction;
  • It learns from you – the more you write, the more tailored your predictions become;
  • Organize your notes – group related notes together in notebooks, label and categorize your notes with tags for easy searching;
  • Evernote personalization – let SwiftKey’s prediction technology learn from your archive;
  • Evernote sync – sync newly created notes across devices or to the cloud and import and create new notebooks and tags with your Evernote account;
  • Easy formatting – swipe the word suggestion bar to the left to reveal bold, italic, underline, indent and bullet points options;
  • Share your notes – using AirDrop, Messages, Mail or Copy to Clipboard, as well as Evernote sync;
  • Multilingual – get contextual word suggestions in up to three languages simultaneously;
  • Track your stats – get real-time analysis of your typing productivity including Efficiency, Keystrokes Saved, Typos Corrected, Words Predicted and Words Completed;
  • Easy on-boarding – a fun and engaging tutorial introduces new users to SwiftKey’s prediction technology.

SwiftKey Note currently supports the following languages: English (US), English (UK), French (FR), French (CA), German, Italian, Spanish (ES) and Spanish (US).

The SwiftKey Note App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at www.AppStore.com/SwiftKeyNote. The app supports devices running iOS 6 or later, but the formatting feature is only supported on iOS 7.


Media-ready images can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zm6mzzlqq1zb295/5n0pECaVsc
Promotional video can be found here: http://youtu.be/VEGhJwDDq48

If you have any questions, please contact the team on press@swiftkey.net. In US hours, contact Nicky Budd-Thanos, US Marketing Manager, on +1 650 409 6475, for rest of world, contact Ruth Barnett, VP Global Comms, on +44 (0)7858 257 615.

About SwiftKey (www.swiftkey.net)
SwiftKey was founded by Jon Reynolds, CEO, and Dr Ben Medlock, CTO, in 2008. With a growing team of over 130 people, the company is based in Southwark, London, UK and has offices in San Francisco and Seoul. SwiftKey has raised over $20M to date and investors include Index Ventures, Accel Partners and Octopus Investments, as well as notable angels.

The company’s mission is to make communicating more personalized and more human, anticipating a world where mobile technology adapts to the individual, not the other way around. SwiftKey technology was embedded on more than 100 million devices in 2013 and has also been a global hit with consumers.

In 2013, SwiftKey was named among the top 10 most innovative mobile companies in the world by Fast Company and the No. 1 hottest startup in London by Wired Magazine. Awards and accolades include a publicly voted Webby Award for innovation, a Meffy Award for innovation, a GSMA Award for innovation, and at the Appsters Awards, best consumer app and the overall Appsters Champion prize.

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